Air Plant Care – Do They Bloom Without Fertilizers?

air plants

What Are Air Plants?

Air plants are a popular potted plant because they are low-maintenance and can be grown in a small space. This type of plant absorbs moisture and nutrients through its leaves rather than its roots. And all its roots are only used to attach them to a tree it lives in.

Air plants found in trees may look like they get nutrients from where they’re attached, but they do not rob any nutrients that their host plant has, which is why air plants aren’t known as parasites to other plants.

Other varieties of these plants grow tall with broad and strap-like leaves, while other varieties grow small with thread-shaped leaves. 

These plants need light, temperature, and water in order to thrive. If you are new to caring for air plants, there are a few things you should know. These plants help clean the air and they can be found in homes and offices throughout the world. 

Air plants can be fun and easy to care for, but they can also be challenging. For some people, these plants may not flower, but they will flourish with the right care.

Air plants are a great way to decorate your home and do not require any harsh chemicals. They may seem so out-of-the-world with the way they grow, and that’s just in the air.

Do All Air Plants Bloom Without Fertilizer?

It’s a question that’s been asked many times. Do all air plants bloom without fertilizer? In general, yes. However, there are some exceptions. If an air plant is being grown indoors, it may need fertilizer. Sometimes, it may need better light. 

Air plants need the same care as any other plant, but they will not require as much fertilizer. Basically, fertilizer isn’t much of an essential for air plants.

You can skip applying fertilizer to these plants especially if you use rainwater when watering or spritzing. But if you so much as want to have your air plants thrive fast and smoothly, then you can add some water-soluble fertilizer to your spray.

Things To Consider When Having Air Plants

When it comes to air plants, it might be a good idea to think about factors like light, soil type, and temperature. You’ll have to consider the humidity of your house in order to determine whether the plant can thrive.

Bathrooms or your kitchen is a great place to put an air plant. The high moisture helps and this way the plant won’t easily dry out.

One thing that tells when your air plant is in need of watering is when its leaves start curling or rolling and when they start turning brown.

Having them also means having questions about whether they’d bloom or not. Well, to answer that, yes they bloom. Most air plants bloom rarely, which means, only once in their lifetime. And once they bloom, you’ll be gifted with a stunning yet dainty bloom that comes in different colors.

Some are purple, orange, red, yellow, white, and even pink, and they occur mostly during late winter or early spring. Sometimes, when these plants bloom they produce pups, which are their offsets.

These offsets can be separated and moved to a new place to thrive and eventually become a mother plant.

How Do I Care For My Air Plant?

Many people struggle with caring for their indoor plants, but air plants are the type of plants that are easier to care for. There are a few key things that air plants need in order to thrive.

Like all the other plants, the air plant needs some love and care too. You might be surprised to know that caring for air plants comes with some requirements.

Most air plants need about 8 hours of light a day and a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should be between 40 and 60%. Mist should be every day.

It is important to remember that air plants do not have roots, so they need a constant supply of water and light. However, they also do not have true stem-like other plants, so they cannot be cut back. 

Caring for air plants comes with some requirements such as:

  • Light Requirements – Air plants need light so they can thrive better but they should be kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Temperature Requirements – It is recommended that you keep your air plants on a stand that allows for ventilation. They need to be kept in a warm and humid environment but they should be kept away from extreme heat sources. They need to be kept at a temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a high-tech home with a thermostat, you can keep the temperature at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some Tips For Caring Air Plants

Other than placing the air plants in the correct location, and doing proper watering (and fertilizing if you must,) there are a few other care tips you can follow.

  • If any of the leaves at the base die, simply tear them off carefully with your fingers or cut them off with sharp scissors. 
  • If any leaves start turning brown from the tips, it’s best to use pruning shears to cut off dead brown tips so they’d blend into the healthy-looking ones.
  • Keep your air plants away from cold and hot air that dry the plant.

Give your air plant the right care and put it in the right place, and you’ll have a series of beautiful air plants hanging inside your home. Not only will you have clean air inside but your house will look more lovely and you’ll have a very relaxing ambiance.

Having an air plant is great. No wonder it’s become one of the most loved indoor plants in the world.

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