Automatic Sprinkler vs. Watering Can – Which is Best?

Automatic vs Manual Sprinklers

When it’s time to water your garden, all you need to do is to have a watering garden system that can support the benefits of your vegetation. And the best way to water a garden is to have a lawn watering sprinkler or a manual watering can which are the most reliable watering system today.

In this article, you will learn about the comparison between the automatic sprinkler and the manual watering can. Find out what is the best watering system for you to use in your garden.

Sprinkler vs. Watering Can


Automatic Sprinkler

Manual Watering Can

What is it?

Designed for field irrigation

Designed for manual watering

Where it is use?


Indoor or Outdoor

How does it work?



How much is the price?



What are the benefits?

Less stress


Control the water

What are the advantages?

Save time

Save water

Save energy

Save water

Avoid overwatering or underwatering

What are the disadvantages?

Some didn’t distribute water evenly

Limited amount of water used

A brief comparison between the automatic sprinkler and manual watering can.

Watering can and sprinklers

Automatic Sprinkler is a type of watering garden system designed for field irrigation and can be used to effortlessly water your lawn without saving your time and effort. On the other hand, Manual Watering Can is a type of self-watering garden that can refill with water and enable you to use them to water your plants manually.

Both of these devices are very reliable when it comes to garden use. But each of these watering devices has a different aspect that can give enough advantages for you as a gardener.

Where it is use?

The automatic sprinkler is best for outdoor watering, especially in your lawn and open canopy garden. While the watering can be used both outdoor or indoor watering since it is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere.

How does it work?

The sprinkler can be installed in your lawn that can customize the amount of water you will need for watering your lawn or your garden. You can also set the time of the sprinkler on the exact time when will it operate and when will it stop. On the other hand, watering can work well when you refill it with water and manually water your plants individually or in mass.

How much is the price?

When you are planning to install an automatic irrigation system like the sprinkler in your lawn, you need to seek some irrigation professional to check and to ensure that the sprinkler you’ll use will be operated properly. They will be the one who evaluates your landscape about the measurements to determine the requirements you need for your lawn. This is so much more pricey, of course. But very efficient to use.

Perhaps if you want to save money, Watering Cans is the best for you to take. There are so many types of Watering Cans that are applicable in any type of garden you have. Whether you are keeping indoor plants or outdoor plants, you can buy some Watering Cans on Amazon or any E-Commerce site. 

Overall, Watering Cans is way cheaper than the Automatic Sprinkler.

What are the benefits?

The Automatic Water Sprinkler had satisfactory benefits that you might gain which can give you an overall gratification afterward. You are no longer go outside just to put on your sprinkler when it’s time to water your garden. Instead, you can schedule the time of it when will it operate and when will it off again.

Most of the sprinklers today have installed a sensory feature that can now detect soil moisture and weather status. The sprinkler will automatically off during rainy days and when it detects dryness to the soil, it will eventually turn on with the corresponding time you set.

As for the Watering Cans, the benefit that you might get when you are practically doing a self-watering garden is that you can easily control the water. Use the nozzle of the Watering Can to manage the flow of the water.

However, both watering garden systems are very economical devices because they can distribute an exact amount of water to your lawn or your garden.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Watering the garden

The advantage of having an automatic water sprinkler is that it can save you time because the system will eventually do the work for you. But talking about its disadvantage, lawn water sprinklers cannot distribute water depending on the type of sprinkler you have in your garden.

Despite that, the advantage of having a Watering Can is that it enables you to avoid overwatering or underwatering your plants and it allows you to check your plants on their condition.

Unluckily, there’s a limited amount of water you can fill into the Watering Can and it lets you refill again when it runs out of water. There is too much energy you’ll consume every time if you always run out of water.

What is the best watering garden system?

The best watering garden system depends on what kind of garden you have in your possession. If you are a person who is thoughtful of saving water (because you suffered a lot of paying high water bills last month), you can either used both Watering Cans and Automatic Lawn Water Sprinkler. See here if you are willing to know how to conserve water in your garden.

Lawn Water Sprinkler is more efficient than Watering Cans since you don’t get hassle when to water garden. It can automatically operate as long as you set the time when it will work.

But if you are willing to make sure to water your plants properly, Watering Cans are fit for you rather than Sprinklers. It gives you time to spend your time with your plants and lets you avoid overwatering or underwatering your garden.