Factors to Consider Before Buying Patio Chairs (Must Read)


A patio chair is a crucial piece of furniture for any outdoor space. Purchasing the right chair can make or break an outdoor event. It would be best to look into a few factors before deciding on a model, such as comfort level, color options, and durability. 

The patio is a great place to entertain, spend time in the evening with friends and family, and relax in the sun. 

You were wondering how to pick the right patio chair for your home? You will find all the information you need below with that and a list of factors to consider before you invest.

If you want to know how to buy the perfect patio chair, this blog will explore the key factors to look for in patio chairs. It will also provide some tips on making the most of your patio chairs.

What is a Patio Chair?

Patio chairs are a type of chair that can be used outside. They are typically made from plastic, steel, aluminum, or wood. The patio chair generally is lightweight so that it can be moved around conveniently. Patio chairs are often placed in seating arrangements on the eventual patio space. 

Patios are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors during those warm summer months. However, there is much more to a patio than just a table or two. 

Nowadays, people sit outside and enjoy the fantastic evening, but sometimes it is not as pleasant as people might want it to be. That is where patio furniture comes into play. The consensus is that patio chairs are one of the most popular items people buy for their outdoor spaces.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Patio Chairs

  • Weather

Certain types of outdoor furniture might have disadvantages depending on the weather conditions. Some types of wood might crack if it is too hot or dry. Aluminum furniture will fly or fall in the windy landscape.

You’ll need to look for outdoor materials that can endure damage from severe UV rays and changes from extreme heat to extreme cold if you reside in a sunny area or one with dramatic seasonal climatic shifts.

  • Size and Shape

Do you have a large patio, a little balcony, or a square garden? It’s crucial to think about the size and shape of your outside space, as these will determine the size of your patio chairs. Keep in mind how much room you’ll have between pieces of furniture so you can move around.

Rather than a standard dining table and chairs, a bar table set would work well in a small room. A set of smaller bistro tables can be a game-changer in a small space.

  • Comfortability of the Chairs

Because you’ll be using it to rest, you’ll want it to be as comfortable as possible. Sofas and chairs have been upholstered for a long time. You can always manufacture your cushions and pads if they aren’t available. Keep in mind that your cushions should be made of decent outdoor fabric.

When it’s raining severely, or you’re not using your pillows regularly, it’s advisable to keep them in a safe place.

Another excellent option for a comfy seat is a rocking chair or a recliner. Make sure the seat you’re interested in is comfortable enough for your back.

  • Durability 

Some patio chairs may endure for years in perfect conditions, but if they are exposed to harsh weather, they may need to be replaced every couple of seasons. Others can last a lifetime and still seem brand new despite being exposed to various factors.

The use of a product is another factor that affects its durability. The sun loungers and daybeds that line the poolsides of popular upmarket resorts and hotels will last longer if you eat outside on your patio dining table a few times per summer. The materials should be more robust as they are used more frequently.

  • Eco-Friendly

Even if they don’t know the specifics, everyone is aware of the environmental impact of production processes and the raw materials that go into products today. If all else is equal, most people (ideally) prefer to be environmentally conscious. 

Fortunately, most high-end outdoor furniture firms have adopted “green” manufacturing methods and use biodegradable, recyclable materials or have been certified by environmental groups. However, the ability to be recycled varies depending on the outdoor material used.

  • Cost

Most people consider the cost consequences of choosing one type of furniture over another. You must stay within your means, but you must also be aware of how costly materials are in the long run, as well as the cost-benefit ratio. 

Will it need to be replaced regularly? Is it a waste of time and effort to keep it up to date? These are essential financial concerns to keep in mind when weighing your options.

What’s the right cushion thickness for a Patio Chair?

Outside just simple wooden benches, there’s more to outdoor seating cushions. A lovely ancient timber bench embellished with colorful outdoor patio cushions, greeted guests. Your cushions shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Comfort is synonymous with proper thickness.

Outdoor cushions are usually a little thicker than inside cushions. A water-resistant foam makes outdoor patio cushions, which adds a little weight and density. A thickness of 100mm to 150mm is ideal for outdoor seat cushions.

What is the best foam density for a Patio chair?

The term “density” refers to the weight of a solid block of foam measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches. The more dense the foam, the more tough and long-lasting it is. The density of upholstery foam is determined by a two-digit figure between 18 and 35, separated by a decimal point. It would be 1.8 ounces of #18 foam.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, before you invest in patio chairs, take the time to consider the following factors:

  • What will you be using the chairs for?
  • How often will they be used?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is there a warranty included with the purchase?
  • Is assembling required? If so, are there any “special” tools needed?
  • Will outdoor fabric withstand any amount of sun exposure or rainwater over time?

With careful consideration, you can make a smart decision when buying patio chairs for your home. We hope our guide has helped you in making this purchase!