Fire Pit Covers – Protect Your Fire Pit & Property!


Don’t you just love having a beautiful sight of the fire at night while having the best bonfire of the year with your family? There is nothing like the smell of a crackling fire, and it sometimes, is such a mesmerizing sight to behold, but having a fire pit in the backyard can pose danger to your property. 

In this article, we are going to find out why having a fire pit cover is important.

Fire Pit Cover and Its Importance

Fire pits truly are a hot commodity! These attractive backyard additions can decorate a dull back patio with enchanting bonfires while serving as a gathering spot for afternoon barbecues, evening drinks, and late-night jam. But with this added decor comes a responsibility. The best thing you can do for your personal safety and for the safety of your property is to get a fire pit cover. 

Fire pits are placed in an open area, thus it needs a cover when the fire’s put out. No matter where you live, and however far your fire pit is placed, it is very important to keep it covered when not in use. Covering the fire pit not only protects and extends the longevity of your fire pit but also saves you precious time and money. The weather as well can create some damage to your fire pit in many ways, from water and sun damage to having filled with debris, and a lot more. 

Why get a fire pit cover?

A fire pit surely is a great addition to most outdoor environments. You can use it for warmth and a social event, or simply for nighttime enjoyment. But it also requires some care. One of the biggest risks with this though is the danger of not having a fire pit cover. 

A cover is a very important accessory when you’ve got a fire pit in your backyard. It helps prevent rainwater from flowing into the pit, keeps all the wind-blown debris like leaves from getting in, and even prevents unsuspecting creatures from filling and spending the night at your fire pit. With pre-dug fire pits, having a cover also helps keep guests from falling in. These covers allow you to extend the life of your fire pit, and they also provide a layer of protection for the fire pit and your property. 

Top Reasons Fire Pits Need Cover:

  • Prevents wind from blowing embers and stray sparks. 
  • Prevents damaging nearby items, like a wooden chair or cushions.
  • Protects the firepit from getting damaged and rusted. 
  • Keeps firepit dry for easy future usage.

Benefits of Buying Fire Pit Cover

These are only some of the benefits you can get when buying a fire pit cover:

  • You’ll have your fire pit secured
  • Getting a fire pit cover means your property is also protected
  • No more worries about stray sparks that can cause massive fires
  • Getting a fire pit cover means your fire pit gets protected from the weather
  • Having a fire pit cover can help you keep rodents from spending the night in the pit

Types of fire pit cover

After determining which type of fire pit you have, you can quickly and easily decide what cover to get.  If you don’t want to put the hassle in of having to clean your fire pit, it’s important to get a cover that is easy to clean. 

Metal Screen Fire Pit Cover 

When people think about a metal screen fire pit cover, the image of a mesh dome placed right above the pit usually comes to mind. Some fire pits that are being sold in sets at some retailers usually have these metal screen covers. While they provide protection from flying embers or wood sparks, they don’t do much to protect your fireplace from all the other elements around. 

Metal Snuffer Fire Pit Covers 

Solid metal covers without a mesh or holes on them are commonly known as fire snuffers. These provide additional protection but are intended only to cut the airflow to safely extinguish the fire. While these metal snuffer covers are useful and essential, they aren’t made to serve for long storage and protection solution. 

Metal fire pit snuffer covers are most definitely prone to rust. You can use it along with a piece of fabric or canvas to protect your fire pit. 

Cloth cover

The most common, practical, and pretty much economical fire pit cover ever known is the cloth cover. They are way lighter than other covers. They’re easy to maintain and much cheaper than solid metal covers. The fabric fire pit covers you can find are mostly made from weatherproof outdoor material, and usually polyester or a vinyl blend.  

When planning to get and look for some fire pit covers, you’ll typically only have two options: to go for full-length covers or go for the ones that can cover only the top of the fire pit. Each type has its own purpose, and you can choose depending on your needs. 

Full-length covers will definitely protect your entire fire pit. It includes the base and all the parts making them ideal for gas fire pits. You could go for the full-length fire pit cover if your fire pit is placed where it is frequently getting exposed to extreme weather conditions. Full-length fabric fire pit covers are great for keeping the base of the fire pit from rust and insects from hiding.

Things To Consider When Buying A Fire Pit Cover

When choosing a fire pit cover, there are a few key factors to consider, and these include but don’t limit to: 

  • the type of fire pit you have
  • the local weather conditions
  • and of course your preferences

Keeping Your Fire Pit Safe and Secure

Fire pits can be very enjoyable, but you don’t want those around you to be in danger. No one has time to clean their fire pit after every use. That’s it’s recommended to put a protective cover over your fire pit. Not only does it keep your fire pit from being exposed to rain but it also prevents fire from reaching your house and setting it ablaze. If you have any by-laws or restrictions on fire pit usage, you’ll need a cover to protect your property.

The fire pit cover will help to keep your fire pit clean for a long period of time and protect it from the elements. They are also a great way to personalize your fire pit. With a variety of styles and colors, you can find one that is perfect for your personal style.


Fire pits are often a focal point of your backyard, so you want to make sure it looks great. A cover will ensure that the fire pit is safe for you and your guests. When you’re done for the day, simply pick up the cover and empty the ashes and dirt. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on fire pit covers. We hope that after reading our blog post, you will feel confident about the safety of your fire pit and know that there are some great fire pit covers available that will help keep your fire pit safe and clean. For further questions or concerns, please reach out to us anytime by visiting Thanks for reading!