7 Proofs Wearing Garden Gloves Makes A Difference

Gardening is one way to connect with Mother Nature and it brings you delight to see your hard work turn into a stunning sight. Yes, it is rewarding to see your beautiful garden after spending days planting and arranging your plants.

And in doing such hard work, of course, you would need to put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands because going bare hands when gardening may just put you in a compromising position. 

Here are 7 Proofs that Wearing Gloves do really make a difference. 

1. No More Getting Pricked 

Attending to your garden, digging, trimming, pruning, or weeding can sometimes go wrong causing you to get pricked by thorns or any sharp material. Of course, you wouldn’t want that so the best thing to do is wear gloves.

It sure makes a difference since it’s the best protection for your hands. With your thornproof gardening gloves on, you won’t have to worry about getting pricked. 

2. Minimizes Risk of Getting Diseases

Wearing Garden Gloves

Touching the soil with bare hands when digging, planting, and potting may not be the best decision you’ll make, and perhaps you should put on a pair of gloves.

The soil on your garden may be contaminated with parasites, disease-carrying bugs, and bacteria that can enter your skin or through an open wound which then would cause some type of disease.

It is way safer to wear gardening gloves than go bare hands in gardening.

Gardeners and plant enthusiasts highly recommend wearing gloves while working in your garden.

3. Avoids Poisonous Plants 

Wearing garden gloves when working on your lawn or garden is the best option for both beginners and garden enthusiasts.

It is unavoidable that you’ll encounter some poisonous plants while gardening. Some of these plants have thorns that are covered with a hair-like coating that releases poison when touched.

You might also get the infamous “rose gardener’s disease” which comes from a fungus that thrives in plant matter, such as hays and rose bushes. The rose thorns infection might just put your health at greater risk.

Getting poisoned by plants is the last thing you would like to happen to you, and so, wearing thornproof gloves is highly recommended. 

4. Prevents You from Touching Hash Chemicals

When digging and weeding, you’re likely to accidentally touch remnants of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and other lawn care chemicals.

Without your gardening gloves, those chemicals might just enter through your skin and causing you some infectious diseases.

Chemicals in fertilizers and garden care products may cause damage when in contact with your skin that is why it is wise to wear gloves when spreading fertilizer on your beautiful garden.

5. Prevents Bug Bites

It’s impossible not to have bugs around your lawn or garden and some of these bugs are disease carriers.

Gardening or fixing your lawn with no gloves on might just put you in great danger. These disease-carrying bugs will have a much greater chance of biting you when you work with your bare hands.

Research shows that disease-carrying bugs pose a much higher risk for your health and are much likely to cause death. It is why wearing gardening gloves is a very wise decision to make.

Garden Gloves

6. Avoids Touching Dead Animals

With your gardening gloves on, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally touching with your bare hands some nasty dead animals laying around your lawn or garden.

In the decomposition stage of a dead animal, bacteria that may be contained within its body can be released, and exposure to such potential disease-causing pathogens is dangerous and may lead to some health risks. You’ll very much need a pair of gloves, especially when disposing of the carcass. 

7. Avoids Common Cuts and Scrapes

In one of your gardening days, you’ll likely get cuts or scrapes here and there, whether they’re caused by a splinter or by the tools you’re using in gardening.

What’s safer than wearing your thornproof gardening gloves.  With your gloves, you don’t have to get scrapes and cuts on your hands. Cuts and scrapes may be small and you might think that’s it’s okay to have one but you’re wrong.

You’ll likely get the most common infection which is tetanus.

The infection occurs when you get a cut or scrape by things in contact with the soil that has bacteria called Clostridium tetani. In conclusion, there’s not just 7 proofs or reasons why you should put on a pair of gloves when gardening but there are tons of other proof why wearing your thornproof gardening gloves makes a difference.

So you better think twice before going bare-handed when working in your garden.It’s better to be safe than having to experience the grave danger of not wearing gardening gloves bring.

We think of your safety, thus, you should heed our advice of protecting yourself from any danger when gardening or planting. Wear your gloves and work happily and safely in your garden.