Mushroom Growing Kit: All You Need To Know!

mushroom growing kit

Some people love mushrooms, while some people despise them. 

You know there’s got to be a middle ground. Well, your answer is a mushroom growing kit! It can help you grow your mushrooms in the comfort of your home. A mushroom growing kit is easy to use and only takes a few weeks to develop.

This article will share with you some primary details regarding Mushroom Growing Kits. Without further ado, scroll down to learn more.

What is a Mushroom Growing Kit?

If you are an avid mushroom lover, then Mushroom Growing Kit is ideal for you to try. Growing mushrooms from home is possible to accomplish. 

Using Mushroom Growing Kit, you can culture fungi in your home in just a few days, depending on its size and type.

Mushroom kits are typically used in conjunction with a small amount of readily-available compost, which helps facilitate an environment for mushrooms to grow. 

Many different mushrooms grow in the wild, but not all of them thrive when grown indoors. 

However, most can be grown using mushroom kits, which is much more convenient than finding them in the wild.

The kit has instructions to help you get started and plenty of resources for beginners to learn more.

In addition, Mushroom Growing Kit is the gateway to start discovering the world of fungi without leaving it at your home. Thus, you can also use the kit to grow edible and nutritious mushrooms for your benefit.

Benefits of Using Mushroom Growing Kit

People with backyards sometimes want to grow mushrooms but may not want the hassle of constructing a growing chamber. 

This is where mushroom kits come in handy. 

Growing kits are designed so that people can quickly cultivate mushrooms at home without having any prior knowledge of the process. 

One benefit of using these kits is that they efficiently grow more mushrooms at home. This type of mushroom is prized for its meaty, earthy flavor and aroma.

Another benefit of using a mushroom growing kit is that it can allow you to observe the growing process of mushrooms. 

Also, it’s the best kit for kids to learn about the science behind growing the mushrooms. While learning, get a fun experience by having a mushroom growing kit at home.

Example of Mushrooms in a Kit

There are many kinds of mushrooms that you can grow using the kit. Edible or not, cultivating a mushroom in your home is so much exciting to do. Most growing kits come up with the specific mushroom you want to grow.

Here are the five basic examples of mushrooms you can grow in your home. We will give you some kinds of mushrooms that are very familiar to everyone, and you can try growing them in your home using the mushroom growing kit.

reishi mushroom

Reishi is perfect for growing indoors, but they can also grow outside with the right conditions. 

It is a mushroom known for its medicinal value related to immune health because it gained a lot of notoriety in the past years, but we cannot certify for these claims if it is true. Moreover, it is frequently consumed as a nutritional supplement today.

blue oyster

Blue Oyster is the most popular type of mushroom that you can grow in your home. It is popular in Asian countries, and each variety of color are available in the market.

gray oyster

Gray Oyster (Pleurotus oystreatus) is also a mushroom popular to grow in a kit. The essential factors to grow this mushroom from your growing kit are fresh air and high humidity. You don’t need to grow it in a dry climate because it will not be thriving.

enoki mushroom

Enoki (Flammulina velutipes) is a mushroom that is commonly known to mix soups and salads. It is also easy to grow at home since it can also grow in drier places. 

Some growing kits having the Enoki inside can produce two pounds, and it is ready for harvest once a month throughout the season. 

lion's mane

Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a great mushroom that you can grow in your home. It is edible and can grow into a baseball size.

How to Use a Mushroom Growing Kit?

Mushrooms are one of the most versatile, healthy, and potentially profitable foods you can cultivate. They are also the easiest to grow. All you need is a couple of basic materials and a little bit of space.

Suppose you are interested in growing your mushrooms using the mushroom growing kit you bought in your local or a legitimate online store. In that case, there are three easy steps that you need to follow to increase your mushroom successfully.

Since some mushroom growing kits have different styles and features, we just input the basic steps you need to follow for the growing equipment you have in this blog.

  • FIRST: Soak the mushroom growing kit in water.
  • SECOND: Scrape back some of the mycelia inside of the kit
  • THIRD: Keep the growing equipment moist and not put it in direct sunlight. 

If these steps did not fit in the growing kit you bought, you need to follow an instruction manual provided in the mushroom growing kit. It can help you more!

How Long Does it take to Grow a Mushroom?

Now let’s talk about the science behind the growth of mushrooms. 

Fungi are considered the type of cryptogamic plants with a faster growth rate than the other higher plants.

And since they are fast-growing organisms, they can easily be cultivated on any farm and can be done in your home.

Small mushrooms can grow in about one day, while the medium to more giant mushrooms can have about 3-4 days.

If you want to grow it successfully, your mushroom needs a steady moisture environment. So keeping your growing kit always moist is very important to remember.

And since mushrooms don’t have chlorophyll, which they did not possess photosynthesis, they need dim light to form a fruiting body.

Closing Note

The mushroom growing kit is an excellent option for beginners because it comes with everything you need to grow your very own mushrooms in the comfort of your home.

You will have access to a fruiting block that has already been occupied, and you need to introduce it into the right environment before the mycelium inside will start to fruit mushrooms.

We hope that those looking for tips to grow mushrooms at home found the information they were looking for in our post. We hope you found this blog post helpful!


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