Patio Chairs: Is it Recyclable? (Information Inside)

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When it comes to patio chairs, a lot of people have no idea whether or not the materials of the chairs can be recycled or not. 

You might be wondering the same thing. 

Fortunately, thanks to this blog, you can know what you’re dealing with. Find out what’s recyclable and what’s not.

What are Patio Chairs?

Patio chairs are the most commonly used furniture in any outdoor patio. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and relax in your backyard.

The most common materials used to make patio chairs are plastic, metal, and wood. 

Plastic chairs are usually cheaper than other chairs, but they don’t last as long as metal or wood. 

Metal is more expensive than plastic, but it lasts longer and doesn’t damage rain or sun-like plastic chairs. 

While wooden patio chairs are the most expensive type of chair, they also last longer than the other two chairs.

Each type of chair has its use case depending on what you need them for. If you have a large family, you will probably want to buy more expensive wooden patio chairs to accommodate more people.

However, they are also patio chairs prone to extreme weather conditions. Patios will endure heat, cold, and weather extremes, and eventually, they’ll wear out.

But one thing comes up in your mind. Are the patio chairs recyclable? 

The answer is yes and no. The chairs are recyclable, but it will depend on the materials on the chair made.

Types of Patio Chairs by Materials

When it comes to patio chairs, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Some materials are more durable than others, so it’s essential to consider what you’re looking for before making a purchase. 

Here is a breakdown of the most common types of patio chairs and their respective materials:

Wood Patio

wood patio

Wood is a popular material for patio furniture because it is easy to maintain and long-lasting. It is also one of the most comfortable types of material to sit on. 

In addition, wood is an excellent choice for patio furniture because it is durable, strong, and comfortable. It’s also easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or cracked.

However, when the time comes that the wood patio furniture will break, the wood becomes fragile and cannot be recyclable.

Even if the wood has been treated with varnished or sealed, it can’t be composted either.

Although it might seem like your patio is unfixable at first, there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation. 

Refinishing it, repairing it, or breaking it down and then re-using the pieces for something new may work for you. 

Just make sure that your patio isn’t already too broken or rotten before taking action.

Metal Patio

metal patio

Metal patio furniture is made from durable aluminum, wrought iron, or stainless steel. They are often easy to maintain because they do not require much upkeep. 

They are also very affordable and straightforward to install compared to other types of outdoor furniture like wood or plastic.

But recycling it once it is broken is also possible. Just make sure that you know what kind of metal the patio was made by determining it is a ferrous or nonferrous metal.

Use a magnet to test, and when it attracts, your metal patio is ferrous. Otherwise, it is not if it is not attracted to the magnet.

Plastic Patio

plastic chair

A plastic patio is a type of outdoor patio made of plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC.

This type of patio chair is very durable and lasts for a long time. It is also easy to maintain and doesn’t require much upkeep. 

It can be used in any weather condition, but it should not be left out in the sun for too long without some covering or shade because it will become too hot.

Plastic patio furniture can be recycled when it’s broken. The only thing that needs to be done is to remove the metal pieces and then recycle the plastic.

There are a few ways to recycle broken plastic patio furniture. One way is to place the pieces in a trash bag and then put them in the recycling bin. Another way is to place them in a clear, sealable container and take them to the recycling center.

Now, if your local recycling center does not accept plastic furniture, you can still choose recycling options. 

TerraCycle produces these waste-free pallets that your old furniture can be recycled into it. Alternatively, shipping your old furniture is also an option, but it is pretty expensive.

How to Maintain The Patio Properly?

Since a patio chair is a great outdoor furniture item for outdoor leisure, it is also essential to maintain the patio chair properly to make it last longer and enjoy your time outdoors.

Some of the things you can do to maintain your patio chair are:

Cleaning the seat and back of the chair with a mild detergent.

Cleaning your furniture is a great way to fight mold and other harmful bacteria. Make sure you only use mild detergents and if instructions say not to use soap, trust them! There are also plenty of natural solutions you can use.

Store the patio chair inside if it is not used longer.

Protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements during seasonal changes is essential by storing them indoors or in a covered area.

Consider buying a furniture cover for additional protection.

Patio furniture covers can protect your outdoor essentials for extended periods. They are easy to put on and remove that will add years to the life of your outdoor furniture.

Closing Note

The answer to whether patio chairs are recyclable or not is not a simple one. 

The materials they are made of, such as metal, plastic, and wood, can all be recycled, but it depends on how they are built and what kind of finish is on them. 

For example, if a chair has a painted or sealed finish, it cannot be recycled because the paint or sealant will prevent the material from reusing.

In addition, patio chairs can be recycled if made of plastic or metal. 

However, if they are made of wood, they must be disposed of in the trash. So before you toss your old patio chairs, check to see if they can be recycled.