Plant Stand vs. Normal Outdoor Pots: Which Is Best?

plant stand VS Outdoor Pots

Many people, including avid gardeners and those with limited space, are looking for ways to maximize their outdoor living space. One of the most common dilemmas is whether to plant in standard pots or use a plant stand that creates an elevated planting area. 

Every year when it’s time to set up your plant pots outside, you have a decision to make: the plant stand or the traditional outdoor patio pot.

Over time, many people have found that a plant stand can be much more attractive and practical than a conventional outdoor pot. In fact, one would only need to look at their friend’s house for an example of how much more attractive a plant stand is compared to a normal outdoor pot.

This blog will review the pros and cons of plant stands vs. normal outdoor pot, the advantages and disadvantages, and which one is best for you.

Plant Stand vs. Outdoor Pots

Plant Stand

plant stand

Although it may appear to be insignificant, a plant stand can be helpful in various ways. In houses, particular plant stands are used as furniture or artwork, adding a sophisticated touch to the vitality of a space. The essential purpose, of course, is to lift the plant off the ground and onto its elevated surface.

Plants add value to our homes and become a part of them in a variety of ways, but they aren’t designed to get in the way. A good stand should therefore be a good fit in an area.

People use plant stands to display plants or flowers in their homes. They are usually put on the floor near a window or a table. Plant stands are made for different heights, so they can be adjusted depending on where you plan to place them.

Outdoor Pots

outdoor pots

Outdoor pots are an essential part of the garden. Outdoor pots can bring both beauty and function to any home. They can be used in various ways, such as for plantings, air purification, and fireplaces. Some of the most popular outdoor pots include urns, planters, and birdbaths.

Outdoor pots are often used for decoration in our homes but can also serve a more practical purpose.

They are great for plants that need more sun exposure or for plants that have too many bugs living in the soil of their pot. Also suitable for plants that need to be watered more regularly than others.

Advantages of Using a Plant Stand

  1. Multiple plants are well displayed.
  2. Creates a positive impact in minimal spaces.
  3. It makes decorative updating easy and simple.
  4. Make your home a natural feeling and comfy.
  5. Refreshes dull areas.
  6. Ideal in the living room, especially in your apartment or condominium.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Pots

  1. Plants will flourish.
  2. Encourage plants’ portability.
  3. Great for creating barriers and pathways in crowded locations
  4. Allow you to grow plants anywhere.
  5. Makes gardening accessible.
  6. Less maintenance
  7. Fewer disease problems
  8. Fertilizing is easier.

Plant Stand


The ability to add height to your indoor plants is one of the most significant benefits of using plant supports indoors.

For example, philodendron Xanadu and Chinese Evergreens are medium-sized home plants that can easily fade into the backdrop. The bushy greenery seems more interesting now that it’s a little taller.

In places with high ceilings and empty corners, plant also stands function well with tall plants. These higher designs perform well in high-traffic areas for safety reasons around pets and small children.

The great range of materials and textures that plant stands may provide is another advantage of styling them. The varied aspects of your area can be tied in with elegant hardwood legs or simple metal designs.


These lovely elevated planters, however, have certain limits. Most indoor planters aren’t meant to be used directly in the ground and have a restricted amount of space. As a result, they can only hold grower’s pots of a set size. A planter is preferable if you’re thinking about a vast mature plant.

Normal Outdoor Pots


Planters, often known as pots, give you a lot more design, texture, material, color, and size options when it comes to styling your indoor plants. Larger planters, for example, are a great place to put larger tree-like indoor plants, which may easily become a focal point.

In windy locations, such as balconies and decking, a planter might often be a better solution than some top-heavy plant stands.


Some plant pots or planters have a conventional design with a drainage hole for outdoor use. Don’t forget to find an appropriate plastic saucer for your indoor plants while styling them.

Why is the color of plant stands important?

Color has a factor in how much heat is retained in plant pots since it can affect how much heat is retained. Compared to light-colored pots, dark-colored pots will absorb more light and hold heat for a longer time. The color you choose should be based on the climate in your area, as well as the weather.

Best Material for Outdoor Planters

Concrete, in my opinion, is the ideal material for outdoor planters. You won’t have to worry about things like the wind when you cultivate your plants in concrete pots.

These concrete planters are incredibly long-lasting and can be used for a long time without any issues. There’s also a lower risk of someone taking your garden’s planters.

To make these planters more appealing, you can paint them any color you like.


Plant Stands are an excellent way to showcase your plants. They offer a lot of room for the plants to grow, easily move around, and provide an elegant way to showcase your plants. Though, these stands can be costly and require you to find the perfect spot for planting them. 

If you’re looking for a less expensive option that still provides a lot of room for your plants, we recommend using Normal Outdoor Pots. These pots work wonderfully in most outdoor settings and don’t require much space to grow.

However, if the area is at a premium and you have a lot of plants to place in them, they may not be the best option.

We hope that this article gets you started and helps you decide what’s best for you!


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