Pole Saw – A Powerful Tool For Your Cutting Needs


A pole saw is a tool that has a long pole with a blade on the end, usually extending to around 10-20 feet in length. The blade is horizontally aligned, mimicking the shape of a traditional hacksaw. Like most saws on the market, the name of this device is a good indication of what it is. A pole saw, in this case, is a saw that has been mounted to the end of a long pole. This allows you to use it without having to bend over or get too close to the object being cut.

As most people can guess, this type of pole saw is operated by moving the blade back and forth across the object with your hand. Just as you would do with any other hand saw, this one is on the end of a pole. The blade sways back and forth, thanks to the worm gear hidden near the top of the pole. This is ancient technology but it still proves to be hugely efficient.

Pole saws generally have a type of chain saw blade that has the ability to be trimmed for different angles. This high-tech chain-saw blade features telescopic components that encourage flexibility. Triggers are often used to control the speed of your blade. Regardless of the power source and specs, a pole saw’s general design is simple, making it one of the most versatile tools for cutting bushes. 

Types Of Pole Saws

Pole saws are tools known to have variations depending on the needs that people may have. They are for the most part simple devices, but there are also many features worth considering. Here are the types of pole saws available in your local market or online:

Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Gas-powered models are often the most heavy-duty pole saws and are used by all sorts of professionals. They’re usually powerful, have a ton of cutting power, and can be mobilized to wherever they’re needed.

The gas-powered pole comes with a small chainsaw blade on the other end. The pole extender can vary but is typically 6 feet tall with some going longer for more power. They’re pretty similar to gas weed trimmers in how they operate: basically the same engine style and operation. Priming the engine is the same, as well as using a trigger to supply gasoline and hence power. These types of pole saws are great for mobility and can operate without needing fuel too often. This is something that professionals prefer for bigger cutting jobs around their property

Electric Pole Saw

There are many different types of electric pole saws, but they all run on electricity instead of gas. They have a similar build to weed eaters, but with some differences. This means you don’t need to carry around combustible fuel on your back or on your machine for hours anymore – just plug it into an electric outlet and start cutting.

Sizes and lengths of electric pole saws can vary, but professional models typically extend to around 6-10 feet. Like most other pole saws, the engine is on the bottom. This is because most people have a tendency not to use their arms when they cut trees and instead rely on their legs for balance. The trigger is also built into the machine in order to control blade speed.

Cordless Or Corded 

There are 3 types of saws, each with its own pros and cons. Corded ones are stronger but not portable, while cordless ones are less powerful but much more convenient to carry around. Cordless models are often more suitable for bigger yards where you need to cut down bigger branches. The cord that these models come with can restrict mobility, but it’s usually not that big of an issue.

Cordless pole saws are powered by a rechargeable battery pack, which is often similar to what you would find on a power drill. These devices have a limited power supply, so their usefulness is limited. They can’t be used for long periods of time. One advantage of using a laptop is that you can take it anywhere, but they’re known to drain out the battery power quickly. These saws are sometimes less powerful than the corded models.

Pole Saw Attachment

Pole saws that are engine-powered are more or less a smaller version of chainsaws on the end of a pole. Trying to use a pole saw to cut something on the ground that is in front of you can be difficult with a pole of the way.

This type of job is more suited for conventional standalone chainsaws of course, but there are other models that are considered 2-in-1 saws: one being a standalone saw, and the other is a pole saw attachment that lets you extend it as any other pole saw.

These saws are the most versatile type; you can effectively use them up high, as well as on the ground for easier tasks such as chopping up a large branch. With the pole saw attachment, these pole saws are often not very big, nor heavy, which also means decreased power and ability to an extent. The versatility and power level are still the perfect combination for many buyers.

Manual Action Pole Saw

Traditional manual pole saws are the oldest type of pole saws still in use today and often they are better suited for certain types of jobs due to their ability to be more easily maneuvered in tight places. However, they may seem outdated in terms of design, but this has the advantage of allowing for easier maneuverability and better safety.

A basic pole saw is a long metal pole with a curved hacksaw blade that has longer teeth that are better for cutting tougher, wooden branches. The pole can be extendable to varying lengths, but sometimes there are very few options in length available.

To saw a branch, the user simply holds the pole and manually saws a branch by hand. Tedious? Absolutely! However, there are still some benefits to this. First, the ability to manually saw branches gives you more control over how it cuts, which is great for trimming and pruning trees without damaging them. Every professional planter has a manual hacksaw; You can bet on it.  Depending on the model, the circular saw may also be equipped with an end trimmer, which can be used to quickly cut smaller branches.

Hydraulic Pole Saw

Hydraulic tools are generally for heavier applications and the same goes for pole saws. There are several models of hydraulic pole saws and the majority of them are sliding drive attachments. These saws, as you might have guessed, can be installed on compatible tractors and loaders that come with a variety of accessories. Since these are heavy-duty hacksaws, they are mainly used in agriculture and as forest brooms, and sometimes for post-disaster cleanup.

Advantages of Pole Saw

Enables you to reach high branches without using a ladder.

While you may use a chainsaw to prune your trees, you will need a ladder to reach the branches. As you probably know, standing on a ladder can be quite dangerous when using a power machine. But with the pole saw, there’s no need for all the hassle. The telescoping pole lets you reach high without using a ladder. The long pole lets you prune the tree while standing on the ground, which boosts your overall safety and lets you do the task quickly.

Comes with a flexible telescoping pole.

A pole saw is a cutting implement that is attached to a long, adjustable pole. This allows you to reach higher branches that are out of reach for other types of saws with shorter poles. First, you have to measure the height of the highest branch with a tape measure before you start using the saw. Once it is measured, adjust the length of the pole so that it can reach up to that height

Also comes with a Guide Bar

Compared to using a ladder, which can be hard to gauge the height and length of a chainsaw, a pole saw provides the user with a guide bar for cutting logs. This is because, when using a ladder, you may need to use a measuring tape or estimate the height which can be quite stressful. Most pole saws come with a guide bar that lets you measure the height, as well as adjust the pole accordingly.

A very practical tool

This pole saw is powered by a powerful built-in motor that can run on gas, electricity, or batteries. With a simple push of a button, this saw can be started easily and will easily cut through thick branches. Not only does it have plenty of power to handle the tough jobs, but the motor is slim, light, and compact, so it won’t take up much space in your warehouse. This makes it easier to control and doesn’t block your view. Also, its built-in motor is powerful and can handle cutting through 5-inch-long branches.

Compact and lightweight equipment

Operating a heavy power tool at high levels can be very dangerous. You can easily lose your balance and fall or even worse, injure yourself. However, with this model, you can use the saw comfortably on the floor. It comes with a lightweight and compact design that allows you to maneuver and control it with ease. Plus, since it won’t strain your arms and shoulders, you’ll be able to work longer without straining your muscles.

Simple Maintenance

Newer pole saws are built with features to make certain tasks much easier. These saws surely take on challenging tasks efficiently, making them one of the must-have tools for landscaping. This equipment only requires minimal maintenance, which saves you time and energy. Most pole saws have a self-lubricating feature that saves you all the trouble in lubricating other saws.

With a piece of powerful equipment like the pole saw, you will be able to take on projects outdoors with less difficulty. It’s an excellent tool to have on hand, due to its usefulness in cutting thick branches. But before getting one, it’s best to do your research first about the types, features, and all other things it comes with.