Solar vs Electric Fountain – Which One Is The Best?

Solar vs Electric Fountain

There are tons of ways to add more beauty to your lawn or garden. One of them is having ornaments such as gnomes, statues, and some water features like a birdbath or a pond. Having the birdbath attracts lovely birds to visit your place, and the same thing happens with your artificial pond.

With your pond, animals from whichever part of the town come and take a bath or have a drink, especially on hot days. But what will make it more inviting for these lovely and adorable visitors to keep coming back to your place is having a fountain.

Fountains bring wonder and life to a place. It’s no wonder most of them are found in parks. It’s because these water features emphasize the beauty of the place.

Fountains come in different forms and sizes, and types. Some are circular, and some are in other shapes. Some are electric, and some are powered with batteries or with solar panels. 

But the tough question lingers in the mind of every homeowner: Should you have the electric fountain or the solar-powered fountain? We’ll find that out in this article. 

Solar Fountain vs. Electric Fountain

Garden Fountains Comparison


Solar Powered Fountain

Electric Fountain

What it’s made of?

made with the latest technology, featuring a powerful 4W solar panel and a long-lasting 3000mAh battery

made with a high-quality electric water pump designed with a special nozzle 


Solar and battery-powered fountain 

Electric water fountain


Circular design with 4W solar panels 

Classic fountain design with electric water pump


An excellent water feature to display and works well on pools, artificial ponds, or birdbaths.

Stable and continuous water pump throughout the day 

Delivers impressive water flow 

Creates a classic and calming ambiance  

Engineered to withstand inclement weather and yard debris

The Solar Powered Fountain is a preferable option for additional decor at your garden or lawn. Other than being called a solar fountain, this device is also called a solar water pump. It’s energy-saving, and it costs less compared to other fountains. It is also rather smaller and lighter and a much easier device to operate since it only has to be put on the water for it to start working.

It pumps water impressively and comes with different nozzle heads that will suit your liking. However, its operating life depends on the ways you use it, and it also depends on the quality of its materials, whether or not they’re reliable and long-lasting. 

There are other advantages in choosing this solar-powered outdoor water fountain, such as its convenience and practical design. These solar water fountains are specially designed to deliver excellent and consistent water spray displays that will ultimately enhance the beauty of your place. 

The Electric Fountain, on the other hand, is a great addition to your beautiful outdoor setup. It creates such a classical and calming vibe in your home. It’s such a beautiful water feature you can have installed at home.

Also, this water feature might last longer than the battery-operated fountains you can find online. The only bad side is that compared to the solar water fountain, this one does not work well when the weather isn’t good.

And with it being an electric water fountain, it needs electricity to operate, which also becomes a problem for some time. There’s a great chance that the electric water fountain could cause more danger and damage than the solar-powered fountain. 


Price-wise, it is preferable to get the solar-powered water fountain since it is more affordable compared to the electric fountain, which costs more, especially because some of these electric fountains come with spectacular and classic designs. 

All in all, both are a great addition to your place. Fountains are but the easiest water feature and home decor to maintain and most definitely effortless to install. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about choosing which fountain to get to add more beauty to your yard. It can be quite hard to pick the best decor fountain and make your garden look like a work of art, but these reviews and information will help you along the way.  If you have any questions, send us a message through the blog post’s contact form. We would love to hear from you! 


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