String Trimmer – What To Look For When Getting One

String trimmer

One of the most worth it investments that you can make in your house is getting a high-quality string trimmer. A string trimmer is a tool that can help you keep your lawn neat and tidy all the time.   

String trimmers let you take care of some hard-to-reach areas in your garden. They’re the perfect alternative for your lawnmower and are very helpful for sections of lawn that run along a fence line or those that grow against the house or trees. String trimmers make it much easier to keep the landscape in shape. This powerful equipment lets you trim carefully around beds of delicate flowers, as well as tackle thick stands of grass that could clog your mower.  

This power equipment is known to have different models; some can use attachments for other lawn maintenance tasks. The attachment that this equipment comes with can have the trimmer convert into a tiller or grinder, broom cutter, sweeper, or even a hedge trimmer.

Choosing The Right String Trimmer For You

Getting the right string trimmer, as well as learning how to use it effectively will greatly help you save your energy, money, and time. 

One thing that most users recommend is that you’ll have to match your trimmer with your garden. What it means is that a larger landscape needs a more powerful trimmer to effectively maintain it. Take a better look for other specifications that can help you find the best trimmer for your lawn. In addition to the more powerful trimmer being effective for larger areas, this trimmer can also handle thicker grass and weeds and can often take on additional tasks with its optional attachments. 

Features & Specs of Trimmer

Understand the available features and specifications when choosing a string trimmer. Make sure that what you choose will meet your needs.

  • A cordless trimmer with an A rating for volts (V) 
  • Cubic centimeters (cc) on a gas-powered trimmer indicates power output.
  • For gas trimmers, two-cycle engines offer a good balance between power and weight. Needs a fuel mix to operate runs in a blend of oil and gasoline. 
  • Four-cycle engines (for gasoline-powered trimmer alone) eliminate the need for mixed fuels, require regular oil changes, and are heavier than comparable two-cycle engines.
  • Spring-assist starting for an easy cranking of gas trimmers.
  • Curved shaft trimmer is very suitable for trimming tight areas. It can make the trimmer easier to control.
  • Straight shaft trimmer, reaches under every obstacle including decks, shrubs, and benches.
  • Adjustable shaft, perfect for adjusting the working height of the trimmer. 
  • Cutting swath allows you to know the cutting area of the trimmer.
  • Edger-capable trimmer, the type that converts quickly to an edger, while still keeping the handles and controls oriented (some models of this trimmer to easily get a clean edge.)
  • Single-line heads make winding new trimming lines simple.
  • Dual-line heads cut twice with each revolution for faster trimming.
  • Bump heads are the trimming line feeder from the spool when the cutting head is tapped against the ground.
  • Automatic-feed heads release a new line as needed using centrifugal force.
  • Fixed-line heads allow quick loading of precut pieces of the line without winding. This design eliminates tangles in the line.
  • Fast-loading spools let you insert and wind a new line without removing or taking apart the spool.
  • Variable speed controls provide different levels of power for different cutting conditions. Cordless models with different speeds allow varying of power for either cutting thicker weeds or extending battery life.

In addition to the features, considering the weight of the trimmer is important to look into too. While more powerful trimmers can handle larger areas and tougher weeds or grass, they tend to be heavier than lighter models and can cause more weariness during use. Find a trimmer with the right balance of power and weight to comfortably handle your trimming job.   

You can choose a variety of replacement trimmer heads that offer different trimming or blade configurations. Before you get one though, make sure your trimmer can accept attachments, or better yet, consider choosing the one that can deliver the results you need in maintaining your lawn.

How to Fix Common Problems

Maintenance Tips

All trimmers require proper maintenance to function properly. They require basic care, such as cleaning, inspecting, and replacing the cut. Wireless models also require battery maintenance. Gasoline-powered trimmers require engine maintenance, such as changing the air filter, replacing the spark plugs, and for some models, changing the oil.  

Don’t forget to take good care of your trimmer so it’s fully functional when you need it. Here are some tips for maintaining your string grass trimmer: 

  • Take a quick inspection on your grass trimmer every time you take it out from the shed
  • Make sure all parts are in good working order before using the grass trimmer.
  • Removing grass and dirt from the trimmer after using it is recommended.  
  • Replacing the string is a must in order for you to always have a fully functional grass trimmer. 
  • If you use a gasoline-powered trimmer, it is best to replace its spark plug every after few months.  
  • Do make sure to fill the gas tank when you are not using the trimmer.  
  • Avoid leaving your gasoline-powered grass trimmer in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.
  • Another maintenance tip for gasoline-powered trimmers is to check the oil level before use.  
  • After using the equipment, remember to turn off the engine and let it cool before cleaning and storing.

Choosing the right string trimmer is a difficult task. You want a machine that will do what you want it to, but you want it to be affordable. There are many machines that offer the best of both worlds, but they are expensive. The first thing you need to do when choosing a string trimmer is to make sure that you have the right type for your needs. The type of string trimmer you choose depends on your needs and the size of the area you will be working on. 

It is important to also do some research before getting started on the purchase so you won’t have regrets when you finally get one. 

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