The Best Way To Split Wood (Beginner’s Guide)


Splitting wood is a skill that every outdoorsman should know. Not only is it necessary to build a fire, but splitting wood can also be a fun and rewarding activity in its own right. 

If you’re new to the game, though, knowing the best way to split wood can be confusing. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of how to split wood like a pro.

How to Split Wood Using an Ax?

Essential Things To Use

Ax splitting wood is a skill that takes practice and patience. Knowing the right way to use an ax is essential to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your equipment. 

There are a few techniques that you can use when splitting wood.

First, you should have a nice, heavy ax at the very least if you want to chop wood properly.

You’ll need a maul, a type of ax with one sharp edge placed inside a thick, heavy head, to be more precise.

As it is hammered down into the wood, the maul’s form concentrates maximum force into the blade, which helps break logs apart.

Splitting lumber by smashing it with your sledgehammer is a great way to cut down on the work and speed up the process. Every log can be divided in half, leading to more success & faster tasks.

When splitting wood, you’ll need a chopping block for this. It should be easy to move once it has been cut because you will likely have to move it out of the way. 

You’ll also need gloves, boots, safety glasses, and jeans when doing the task.

Method to Split The Wood

The best way to split logs is with your shoulders squared off relative to the log. Your swing will be weaker if you start with one foot forward and one step back. 

This position should split a log the fastest way possible without breaking apart the dowel at its center.

Place your dominant hand directly behind the ax’s head; it will slide down, directing the blade and boosting force when you swing.

It would help if you gripped the ax handle with your other hand at the bottom. 

Pay attention to your swing’s direction and how your blade is facing. Make sure that you cut closer to the inside of large logs and strike perpendicular against smaller log arcs.

If your ax gets stuck, you can pull it out and try again, drive in a wedge and knock that through with a sledgehammer, or leave the ax in the log, turn the whole log over, and pound away at it with a hammer.

To split most logs less than two feet in length and two feet in diameter, you can use a maul, a wedge, a sledgehammer, and some persistence. 

For logs that are two feet or more in diameter, consider using an electric log splitter or hire a professional to do it.

How To Split Wood Without Using An Ax?


What do you do if you need to split wood but don’t have the necessary tools? 

Splitting wood without using an ax may seem like an impossible task, but the right tools and techniques can make it easier.

Sawing through logs lengthwise is a labor-intensive yet effective way to split wood without an ax. 

However, we’re going to presume you don’t have a saw. 

Do you have a knife that every man should have? Yes, grab it now, and you will be going to use that for sure.

You can usually split wood with a knife with a fixed blade for narrower logs. Cut in the top of the wood using your knife, then tap the blade into the wood with a hammer.

Make sure to use the part of the knife blade closest to the handle, as it will be thicker and more robust.

After you’ve firmly tapped the knife into the wood, use a stronger hammer, or another block of wood, to alternately tap the back of the exposed blade and the handle, slowly moving the blade down through the wood.

You’ll need to carve a series of wedges out of narrow staves to split larger timber sections without an ax or a suitable wedge. You’ll be creating a series of little, basic spears.

Create a gap in the wood to be split using a knife or a very sharp rock, then begin tapping your wooden wedge tips into the log.

Place the first wooden wedge at the log’s edge and tap it in a little, then the next one next to it, and so on.

It would be best to eventually have many wedges embedded in the log that you may alternately work on. The procedure is time-consuming, but it is effective.

Additional Trick You Can Do To Split Your Wood

You may use a few other strategies to speed up the log splitting process.

You could put your old tire on a splitting block, use the wood inside it for splitting, or wrap a bungee cord around the base of the log so that you can split it with a single swing.

You won’t have to bother setting pieces upright before each cut because your wood will stay in one position while you split it.


Splitting wood is an easy and efficient way to heat your home during the winter. It is also a great way to exercise and spend time outdoors. There are many ways to split wood, but the best way is by using a splitting maul and wedge, or try some alternatives as we share with this blog. When splitting wood, be sure to wear safety gear, such as gloves and a hard hat. And most importantly, have fun!

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