Top 8 Best Flower Plants Suitable For Hanging Basket

best flower plants

Hanging baskets are a great way to add greenery and a bit of color to your outdoor space. They are also a great place to grow flowers.

But, it can be challenging to find the right plant for hanging baskets. Many different types of plants could be suitable, but they will all have their requirements. 

If you are looking for the best hanging basket plant, look at the following top 8 list in this blog.


fuchsia flower

If you are looking for a flower that will attract attention, consider the Fuchsia plant.

They come in thousands of varieties, colors and their beautiful blossom hangs nicely.

A popular garden plant, Fuchsia has many different types. They can be bushy or trailing and sometimes come with flowers. Fuchsia is often found in humid places like France or the Andes mountains.

They are pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll need to keep them in mind. Once this plant is growing, it requires very little care.


begonia flower

Begonias are tropical & subtropical plants that can be used indoors or in shaded summer beds.

Most begonias are grown for the quality of their foliage or flowers. Some will provide lush growth with foliage that features out-of-the-ordinary patterns and colors, while others will offer color to shaded areas where few other plants can flourish due to low light conditions.

Try adding a begonia plant to your hanging container to create a complete drooping effect.


petunia flower

If you’re feeling unsure about what to plant in your hanging baskets, you can always grow some petunias. 

As long as you provide just a bit of care, they will repay your generosity with masses of colorful flowers throughout the summer.

Petunias are a good choice for sunny spots. They come in cascading varieties with flowers on long stems.

Planting petunias in a hanging basket would be complicated without a suitable container. Make sure that the container you pick has at least one drainage hole.


pansies flower

Pansies are great for hanging baskets because they give good color and stay alive in the cold. They don’t like the heat and will start to wilt if it becomes too hot.

Pansies flowers come in various colors and have intricate patterns on them that may remind you of a face. 

They are perfect for either early spring or autumn, and they look great in any garden!


purtulaca flower

As a hardy and resilient plant that is both pretty and versatile, Portulaca can be an excellent choice for any garden because of its wide variety of colors and succulent-like vines. They also make a perfect choice for hanging basket flowers.


lantana flower

Lantana is a beautiful and easy to grow plant that produces small clusters of bright colors blooms.

Due to their spreading nature, they’re perfect for hanging baskets – such as those with sides.

Lantana can grow even without much water, but it should go in bright sunlight to keep it flowering well. Lantanas will not continue blooming if they are only in half sun/shade. 

You may want to consider moving them into a more sunny area.

Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum

Alyssum, an annual flowering plant with white, pink, or purple flowers, is often used in landscaping and hanging baskets to provide color in the off-season between late winter and late spring.

The alyssum plant prefers to grow at the base of the hanging basket’s ground level.


calibrachoa flower

Calibrachoa has risen in popularity over the past few years to grow in containers and hanging baskets. 

The plants are very low-maintenance and add color and freshness to any outdoor environment.

Calibrachoa is a beautiful flower that can come in many colors, ranging from two-tone to striped to solid colors. 

They are known for their beautiful color schemes, patterns, and even double blooms!

Closing Note

We can say that hanging baskets planted with the correct flowers and plants will add to the home and make a positive statement. 

You can choose from various flowers, including brightly colored blooms or flowers that are seasonally appropriate.

The options are endless when deciding what type of flower to use in your basket. Try any of the plants mentioned above, and you will not be disappointed!