5 Factors You Should Consider When Buying Watering Cans

Watering can

When choosing the right plant watering can for your garden, it is important to know the main Factors which you should be considered to pick the best one. Are you looking for an indoor watering can for your plantlets inside the house? Or are you searching for a metal watering can that stays durable in the long run?

In this article, let’s find out what are the five main factors that you should consider on buying a watering can for your garden.

You Should Consider the Types of Watering Cans

There are three types of plant watering can: it’s either made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. This must be your first feature to think of. Think about the durability you might want to have.

 Minding the durability of the watering cans is always important because we always wanted to secure how long that thing is can be used for the next couple of years.

Metal Watering Cans are considered as most durable than plastic watering cans because of the materials used to build them. They are galvanized to prevent rusting and it doesn’t break easily. But despite that, some watering cans that are made from metal are heavy to carry and some of them don’t, but that depends on the style of the watering can is.

If you prefer to have lightweight, plastic-made watering cans are for you. But the durability of it might be less rather than the metal.

But if you prefer to have an aesthetic style, a ceramic-made water can is for you. It is good for indoor plants and can also be used as a decorative in your home. Thus, you should take cautions for this because it can break easily in no doubt.

Think wisely about the types you like to have and make sure that it gives you satisfaction after all.

Find Out the Size and Capacity of Watering Cans

Watering cans

The size and the capacity of the watering cans are also important considerations in picking them for your garden. It depends on the status or even the quantity of your plants in your greenhouse. 

What size is a standard watering can? When you are depending on indoor houseplants, small might be considered (about having 0.5 liters, approximately 500 ml capacity of water).  But if you are dealing with a large number of plants in your garden, a large one is typically best for you (about having 10 liters, approximately 2 gallons capacity of water).

In general, watering cans that are too large is very inconvenient to carry around, while the small one is not. But it is you to decide whether what is more comfortable for you to use.

Look at those watering cans that can meet your requirements and consider the number of plants you have in your garden for you to use it.

Look for the Length of the Spout and Handle Position

The spout of the watering can is considered useful to water your plants accurately. It gives you control of the water flow on where you’ll deliver it to the plants.

Watering Cans with long spouts or necks work properly, especially for those hanging basket plants and other hard-to-reach situated areas. While the watering cans with short spouts or necks work better for most overhead watering and offer great stability while watering plants.

In addition, to make you feel comfortable when using your watering can soon, try to check first the availability of the handle. Some watering cans have a double handle while others have a single handle.

It is much better to look for those watering cans that have a double handle for easy pouring water from your plants. Double-handled Watering Cans are designed to make them useful for older gardeners or even children.

See if the Rose or the Sprinkler is Detachable

Plastic Watering Cans

The sprinkler, or rosette what they called, is also one of the most important features you need to find out when selecting a watering can for your garden. It gives a perfectly fine shower for your plants and it is very helpful in feeding delicate plantlets or newly sprouted seedlings.

Some rosettes (or roses) in watering cans are not removable, and some are detachable. If you are going to buy a watering can, just look for those that have a removable sprinkler.

This way, you can easily clean it or effortlessly remove the clogs on the water container in the future.

Choose the Best Style and Color

We always choose the best style and color in every product that we purchased, and so the watering can is. Select the right aesthetic and color that you have been in your mind.

If you are passionate about the environment, the green color might be the best choice for you. If you love light colors, try picking the yellow colors or anything that suits your preferences.

If you like some kind of vintage style, choose those watering cans that have a bronze, silver, and copper color.

Look for those watering cans that match the decorations of your house (if you have indoor plants) or in your garden (if you have outdoor plants). That way, you can easily pick the best watering can for you.

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