What’s Best For Your Garden: Wheelbarrows (Beginner’s Guide)


Gardening is a very nice way to get close to nature and relieve yourself from stress, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all that easy especially if you’re still new to it. It also doesn’t have to be a back-breaking chore. 

As a gardener, you need one to carry your seeds, fertilizer, and other gardening tools. A wheelbarrow is a garden accessory that you can greatly benefit from, for it can be used for many purposes, especially carrying garden essentials. From carrying to mulching, this tool can help you accomplish both large and small tasks in the garden. The wheelbarrow is basically an all-around cart that’s used for loading and moving objects in the garden. 

You can also use a wheelbarrow for other tasks, and make gardening be less exhausting. Picking up all the rocks and stones to turn your garden into a dirt patch is hard on your back. It’s bad enough that it’s so hard to carry potting soil from one place to another, but with a wheelbarrow, you won’t have to struggle so much.

How to choose a wheelbarrow

If you’re in the market for a wheelbarrow, it’s important to make sure you’re picking the right model for your particular needs. There are a few things to consider when getting a wheelbarrow for your garden. The first thing to consider when choosing the best wheelbarrow for your garden is the type you’ll need for certain tasks. Wheelbarrows are made differently, depending on their purpose. 

Another thing to consider before getting a wheelbarrow is its capacity. Then, there’s also the type of material used in making the wheelbarrow, whether the material is plastic or metal, and whether it’s a durable tool to help you in the garden. 

It’s also important to consider the size and weight of the wheelbarrow that you’ll take. While an empty wheelbarrow is far easier to push around, filling it with stuff such as potted plants or soil can get heavy and becomes difficult to push around the garden. Getting a large wheelbarrow may not be ideal for gardening especially for beginners. Although it does offer a lot more space than smaller wheelbarrows, its weight can get in the way of your work in the garden.

You’ll also want to know these other factors to consider when getting a wheelbarrow such as,  how much you should spend on it, the quality of your chosen wheelbarrow, its wheels and handles, its lifespan, and of course, where to buy the best wheelbarrow for your garden. You should take time to select the one for your needs in the garden. 

Wheelbarrow vs. Trolley

While both wheelbarrow and trolley perform mostly the same job, each still has distinct features and functions. Wheelbarrows have inclining sides and 1 or 2 wheels, while a trolley or garden cart holds level bottoms and it’s got straight sides. Garden trolleys also sport 2 or more wheels compared to the garden wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows may easily tip over having 2 or fewer wheels, while the garden trolleys are way steadier and can deal with bigger and heavier loads. It’s best to remember that you can lose control of the wheelbarrow easily and spill all contents on the ground if the loads aren’t evenly placed. With trolleys though, you’re sure to be safe from tipping over since it’s got more wheels for its stability. 

Although trolleys hold better and can carry more weight, these carts can’t move smoothly on rocky and uneven grounds, compared to the wheelbarrows that you can easily maneuver no matter how rough the landscape is. Wheelbarrows also make a better practical choice or carrier when you have narrow-spaced paths in the garden since they’re way easier to tilt from side to side.

For certain needs, these two will be really helpful in the garden. It’s just a matter of what you need it for in getting the perfect carrier or cart for the garden.

Why do wheelbarrows have one wheel?

Wheelbarrows having one wheel typically relies on you to provide balance, compared to models having two wheels. For purposes such as ease of movement and convenience for moving through tight spaces around the garden, the one-wheel wheelbarrow is the perfect option. 

Wheelbarrows having two wheels may make all the difference upon loading stuff and moving them around the garden because with having more wheels, there are no worries about overly leaning to one side and tipping over.

Types of wheelbarrows

There are various types of wheelbarrows, ranging from the design, model, materials used, added features, and stuff, you’ve surely got endless options, depending on your preference and needs in the garden.

  • The One-wheel Wheelbarrow is designed more for ease of movement and flexibility. 
  • The Two-wheel Wheelbarrow on the other hand is made more for balance and more stability in carrying a load.
  • There are also wheelbarrows made from plastic and have air-filled wheels. These wheelbarrows are far lighter than the traditional metal ones and are most preferable for gardeners, especially women and beginners. These wheelbarrows not only are easy to move but it’s less heavy even with some loads in it. Also, these wheelbarrows are way easier to maintain compared to the traditional metal-made ones.
  • The traditional metal wheelbarrows have been around for so long and most experienced gardeners prefer to use them for their durability and longer lifespan. Although it’s way heavier to move and rust is unavoidable, the metal wheelbarrows still last longer than the plastic ones with air-filled wheels. 

A wheelbarrow can be a great asset in the garden. They give you a place to transport dirt and compost throughout your garden. It’s important to recognize your needs in the garden first before getting one. There’s not only one type of wheelbarrow for gardening, thus it’s best to consider some things before choosing. 

We hope we’ve helped you in getting acquainted with wheelbarrows, the things to consider when getting one, and their types. We only want the best for you and your garden. Thank you for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us www.homebounties.com. Keep us posted on your gardening journey. Have a great time in your garden!